At 2am, when you’ve been up since at least 6am the previous morning, everything is funny. And everyone’s mind is dirty. And it’s glorious.
— Friday Five: Lessons from 1st Ragnar

My personal blog was originally started to keep me accountable as I became a more serious runner, and turned into an interesting examination of my budding minimalism and reading record. Mostly recaps of races and book reviews.

Come on Linz, it’s literally called a 3 Musketeers. Obviously it is okay to eat three of them.
— Sandy, C.I.T.s

These novels started as a joke between a group of camp friends back in our teens, but have grown into a seven book series! I’m hoping to publish soon, so check back to learn more about the adventures of Jamie, Megan and Sandy as well as the rest of the Camp Flint crew.

While the effects are clearly from an earlier generation, they don’t take you out of the movie. In fact, there’s something endearing about a movie without the stink of CGI invading every frame.
— The X-Files: Fight the Future / Review for its 20 year anniversary

I’ve been honored to be part of The Big Brown Chair, a pop culture review blog run by some of my fellow librarians. Read all the entries—but especially mine about the 1994 Angels in the Outfield remake, and The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer movies!